Grizzly Man (2005)

This is the first Werner Herzog documentary film that I’ve watched. Wow! He reminds me a little bit of Errol Morris in that he has a talent for finding incredibly weird subjects that are fascinating.

In this film, Timothy Treadwell is the Grizzly Man (who thinks he is an Alaskan version of the Crocodile Hunter). He videotapes his interaction with bears and foxes. His footage is incredible in that he gets very close to the dangerous bears. Timmy thinks that he is protecting the bears from poachers and hunters but its really therapy for himself as a recovering alcoholic.

Bizarre stuff. In the end, Treadwell and his girlfriend were attacked and killed by one of the grizzly bears. The audio from this attack was actually recorded (Treadwell didn’t have time to take the lens cap off but left the camera running). No you don’t get to hear the gruesome footage but the film and the people interviewed is really quite interesting.

I think poor Timmy wasn’t playing with a full deck near the end of his life. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a death wish involving the bears. We’ll never know. If you found the March of the Penguins to be a little too cute then Grizzly Man is just what you’re looking for.

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