SpamSieve is a Mac OS X software application that uses Bayesian spam filtering to keep your email spam under control. I’ve been spending more and more time deleting spam. No matter how many junk mail rules I create using Microsoft Entourage, new spam messages seem to find their way to my Inbox.

After reading a post on Signals vs. Noise about SpamSieve I bought a copy and took an hour to set it up. After using this software for less than a week, my spam problem is gone. I receive all of my good email messages and maybe 1 or 2 pieces of spam each day.

The bottom line is that SpamSieve definitely works and will save you time. I waste about 3 minutes each work day, dealing with spam. That’s 15 minutes per week or 13 hours ever year. The software pays for itself after the first month. Not bad.

Posted in OS X Software at 4:30 PM