Funny Games (1997)

Austrian director, Michael Haneke scares me.

After watching Caché (2005) I wanted to see some of his other films. Funny Games (1997) seemed like a good place to start.

How is this for a Haneke plot? A family goes to their cottage for a summer vacation. Two young guys dressed in white, wearing white gloves show up and want to borrow some eggs. Instead of leaving, they take the family hostage and play an number of not so funny games with the family.

It is similar to Caché in that you begin to understand what is happening as the characters in the film do. Even then, a lot of the story is unexplained. Other similarities? An animal is killed, a family is terrorized for no apparent reason, one of the lead characters dies a horrific death.

By the end of this film you’ll be totally creeped out. Guaranteed.

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