Finding the latest story

Where do you find breaking news, interesting blog entries or the latest web video that everyone is talking about?

I get three newspapers delivered to my door in the morning (they’re practically giving away newspaper subscriptions these days). The problem is that the news is always old by the time I read it. Editorial content and local news is what keeps me reading for the most part.

Yahoo News and the New York Times are my favourite online stops when I want to know what is going on in the world right now.

I never became a fan of newsreaders and RSS feeds. I still like to visit my favourite sites to see if there is new content. I know it’s old school and inefficient but it’s what I prefer at the moment.

Lately I’ve been scouring and its competitors for interesting stories and links to some fabulous resources on web development and design. Wired News had an interesting story on some of the latest news sites.

From this story I came across a few sites such as reddit, Megite, tech. memeorandum, TailRank that have the latest online content creating a buzz.

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