V for Vendetta (2005)

Last night I had a chance to see V for Vendetta (2005) — the latest film from the Wachowski brothers. I read a few reviews that complained about the amount of talking Hugo Weaving’s character (V) does throughout the film. Forget what the critics have to say. This is a solid movie.

If you tire of the dialogue, which I happened to find interesting, then worry not because a lot of stuff gets blown up. You’ll think that you’re watching a Renny Harlin film for a few scenes. There are a couple of scenes with interesting Matrix-like effects as well that will make you say, “cool!”

The script takes a huge slap at the current Bush administration and the US media (mostly the Fox news channel I suspect). I found it quite entertaining. The film also gets bonus for a short sequence that pays homage to the Benny Hill Show.

I loved the way in which the film arrives at it futuristic setting in the UK — totalitarian society, fascist leader played by John “Hitler” Hurt, corrupt governemt etc. Casting Hurt in his role is genius when you consider his lead role in Nineteen Eight Four (1984).

Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving and Stephen Rea are excellent in their roles. Despite not being able to see Weaving’s face for the entire film I thought his performance worked well and added to the mystery of his character.

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