Apple’s Aperture in trouble

The future of Aperture, Apple’s photo editing software is apparently a mess. Think Secret is reporting that Apple has axed most of the Aperture team and transferred the rest of the engineers to other projects inside Apple.

Apple rushed Aperture to market to compete with Adobe Lightroom. I’m glad I didn’t buy into the hype and purchase Aperture when it first came out.

The price for Aperture went from $499 to $299. Apple felt so bad for people that purchased their beta software that they’ve been giving them a $200 coupon for the Apple Store.

Lesson learned? You never buy a version 1.0 of anything no matter who makes it. The exception may be Adobe Lightroom 1.0. You can download and try the beta version of Lightroom for free. If you like the program and find it stable enough, you can decide whether or not it is worth paying for.

I’m leaning toward Lightroom when it comes out although Adobe Bridge that comes with Photoshop CS2 still seems like a great solution to me.

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