Idiot Cameras

A couple of nights ago I went down to the Cherry Street to shoot some photos of the Toronto skyline. There are always a handful of photographers there but one guy stood out.

He was shooting with a Nikon D70 and said he didn’t like the “idiot cameras” — cameras that are completely automatic and don’t have interchangeable lenses. He looked at my tripod and said he left his at home because he felt it was too windy. I’m not a professional photographer by any means but how can you shoot landscape photos without a tripod? Whatever.

While this guy was going on about Nikon cameras and their great battery-life he would fire off 5 ‘snapshots’ at a time. I think he liked the sound of the shutter because he would point the camera randomly and continue firing off shots. He boasted that he took 50,000 photos with another Nikon D70 before the shutter broke.

I looked at his camera and noticed that he didn’t have a filter on his lens to protect it. A few moments later, just as the light was getting interesting he left. He said it was too cold and windy to be out here shooting pictures.

50,000 photos! This guy was a little odd to say the least.

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