Mitchell Hatt & Associates Inc.

Oh, oh. One of my clients seems to be a little jealous. On Monday, JAK MEDIA launched another website but I didn’t mention it here on Bombippy. Here is the email I received:

This week, JAK MEDIA launched Mitchell, Hatt & Associates Inc., a website for a dynamic engineering company. The site has been a work in progress for nearly two years but now that it’s launched I must say that I’m impressed. I’m really pleased with the design of the site and working with Gary was great!

I never knew there was so much to know about sewers and watermains. These guys really know their stuff. So if you happen to have some land in need of development or simply want to upgrade Highway 401 look no further: Mitchell, Hatt & Associates Inc..

Some of you may want to send me an email and ask why the Mitchell, Hatt & Associates Inc. website took so long to develop, that it doesn’t look as impressive as say, the Trind website. Let me clarify.

The Mitchell, Hatt site was designed and developed in 2003 but a few nagging copy changes needed to be completed. This delayed the highly anticipated launch of the site. Mitchell, Hatt is a very busy company and very much in demand. Regrettably, marketing wasn’t a priority back then.

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