Deal of the decade

I just received a copy of Final Cut Studio for $199.00 (USD)! The retail price is $1499.00 (CDN).

My father recently bought a copy of Apple’s Soundtrack Pro from the UK via eBay (approx $250 CDN). You can’t purchase Soundtrack Pro on its own anymore (at least in North America). The only way to get a copy is to pay $1499.00 and get Final Cut Studio which includes Soundtrack Pro.

Apple has a great upgrade policy for all of those people that are stuck with an older version of Soundtrack Pro and want an upgrade. For $199.00 (USD) you can get the full version of Final Cut Studio that includes:

• Final Cut Pro
• Soundtrack Pro
• Motion
• DVD Studio Pro
• Compressor

You also get a couple of training CDs and the manual is on disc. That’s 7 CDs, 5 great apps, all for $199.00. Today it feels like Christmas morning at JAK MEDIA. Thanks dad!

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