Glenn Gould Hereafter (2006)

I thought I would try and see something ‘cultured’ and made the mistake of adding director Bruno Monsaingeon’s Glenn Gould Hereafter to my list of picks. My ticket wasn’t as expensive as say, a ticket to see Hair but I missed an episode of The Soprano’s.

I struggled to stay awake in the Elizabeth Bader theatre last night. The projectionist took the night off again and I endured two hours of blurry film and ghosted titles.

I don’t know if it was the audio system or the film soundtrack but I haven’t heard so much snap, crackle and pop since my last bowl of Rice Krispies. I suspect that some of the audio was in terrible need of restoration.

This retrospective film was informative but not the least bit entertaining. The scary thing is that Monsaingeon has made several films about Gould.

Pass on this one.

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