What Remains (2005)

What Remains

If you’re a photographer or have an interest in photography then you will enjoy this film. Director Steven Cantor examines the creative process, passions and art of photographer Sally Mann as she prepares a body of work around the themes of death and decay.

Sally Mann’s images of decaying bodies are shocking and some would say disgusting. I think she manages to transform these photos into art that makes you question death and your own mortality. What Remains (2005) is one of the better films I’ve seen so far at this festival.

It’s a shame that the projectionists at many of these Hot Docs venues do such a terrible job at presenting the films. What Remains was beautifully shot in high-definition but the quality of the print that I saw (Isabel Bader theatre) was terrible.

There was a severe ghosting problem that I thought might be a special effect. After watching a second film at Isabel Bader I realized that the Christie HD projector they are using is just poorly calibrated. The image was also blurry and could have used some keystone correction.

If I can get better image quality from a consumer HD projector in my home then why can’t the projectionists at any of the Hot Docs venues get it right? I find it embarrassing when you have a director there from LA or Paris and their film is presented so poorly.

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