I love my Crocs


At first I resisted. How could I wear a pair of bright rubber clogs called Crocs?

A lot of stores in Toronto are marketing the cayman Crocs as gardening shoes. My wife purchased a pair and kept raving about them. I gave in and purchased a black pair.

My Crocs have got to be one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever worn. They weigh ounces, bounce along like a pair of Nike Air jogging shoes, and you can slip them on and off quite easily.

I’m still getting used to the look. I figure that if a friend of mine (lives on the wet coast, works at a gaming company and has 5 sisters) can wear Yoga pants, then I can wear Crocs.

Did I mention the “ergonomic Italian styling” or the “advanced toe-box ventilation system”? Try them. You’ll love them.

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