The Amityville Horror (2005)

The step-daughter has an English assignment that involves watching The Amityville Horror (2005) not to be confused with The Amityville Horror (1979). It was actually cheaper to purchase the movie on DVD at Blockbuster ($4.99) than it was to rent it.

I don’t remember the original but it has to be better than the awful remake starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. Why does Hollywood bother with remakes if they’re going to churn out crap? I guess it all comes down to profits—formulaic moviemaking for unsophisticated teenage audiences. Who cares if it isn’t art!

By the way, I’m guilty of going to see Lifeforce (1985) at the cineplex when I was 17.

The latest film version of the ‘real’ Amityville is painful to watch. I suffered through it because the step-daughter is afraid of horror movies. Yeah, I’m a sucker, but I took her to see Hollow Man (2000) when she was 12. I know, I’m terrible but I’m making up for it.

There are only a handful of scary parts in this film and they relied heavily on sound and special effects to achieve this. Great storytelling or directing wasn’t in the budget.

Anybody interested in a free copy of The Amityville Horror on DVD?

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