Youth for Joe Volpe

Joe Volpe is campaigning for the Liberal party leadership in Canada. Last week he was questioned why he accepted $27,000 from the children of some drug company executives. Do you know any kids that would willingly give thousands of dollars to a politician rather than spend the money on video games and toys? I didn’t think so.

It looks like a few of Joe’s friends took advantage of some loopholes in the way political donations are accepted. Poor Joe gave the money back to the kids.

Somebody set up website called to embarrass Joe but he had it quickly removed. Unfortunately for Joe the site popped up again in the US and you can view it at

Volpe works hard and likes to eat well. If you or your children feel inspired to help Joe then send him your hard earned cash. Somebody needs to replace Mr. Dithers and it might as well be Joe.

Posted in Humour at 12:19 PM