Top Gear

I’ve become addicted to Top Gear on BBC Two. James told me about the show and I’ve watched the first 4 episodes of the 8th season on DivX. Brilliant! As they like to say on the show.

I’m not really into ‘car shows’ but Top Gear isn’t just any car show. The production value is incredible. They test drive a lot of high-end cars like the Ferrari F60 Enzo or Lotus Exige S. The hosts quite often slam GM for problems with the latest Cadillac or tell you how ugly they think a Porsche SUV is. You’d never see this on a North American show where automobile ads appear every commercial break.

Top Gear is also incredibly funny and the 3 hosts do some crazy things to vehicles each week — making a convertible out of a minivan and taking it through a car wash.

Each episode also features a celebrity driver like chef Gordon Ramsay or actor Ewan McGregor who compete for the fastest lap times around a race track. Forget about Pimp My Ride and the other car shows out there. This is the best one on TV. Period.

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