After knocking my son’s front teeth out with a kayak, cooling off in Lake Huron, and visiting friends, I’m back to the relentless barrage of email and voice mail. Here’s a couple of links/stories that caught my attention this morning:

OK Go — Here It Goes Again

OK Go has a new video for “Here It Goes Again” that takes place entirely on treadmills. Watch it now.

Top Gear

Not that I have time to watch TV right now but BBC TWO has decided to put the latest season of Top Gear on its website. The quality of the video isn’t as good as the Torrent files that are out there but it’s nice to see a broadcaster making a popular show available to a global audience.

Air Jordan

A video montage of the top 10 dunks by Michael Jordan. Awesome.

First Blu-ray drive for Mac unveiled

Logitech is making a Blu-ray drive for Macintosh. Price? Only $1,100.

What a waste of time. Who in their right mind would spend a penny on a Blu-ray drive or an HD DVD drive when they haven’t settled on an HD format?


Amazing satellite photo of a volcano erupting.

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