Digital Photography Workflow

The August issue of Photography Monthly magazine has a great article on digital photography workflow. It assumes you’re using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and The Bridge to manage/edit your photos (which I do).

I’m finding that if I shoot photos for an hour, I can end up spending 8 hours or more of:

  • backing up the RAW camera files
  • adding keywords and meta data to make it easier to find the images later
  • post processing images in Photoshop (levels, curves, sharpening)
  • uploading images to my photoblog
  • uploading images to my Flickr account
  • preparing images for print at Pikto
  • backing up the final image files

If you’re unfamiliar with Adobe’s Bridge software then visit The Radiant Vista. They have an excellent video tutorial called A Photoshop Reference: Adobe Bridge.

I’ve looked briefly at Apple’s Aperture and iPhoto, Adobe’s Lightroom, iView MediaPro and Extensis Portfolio 8 to manage my photos. Adobe’s Bridge software comes with Photoshop CS2 and does everything I need it too so I’m going to stick with that for now.

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