BBEdit 8.5 Upgrade

Next to Photoshop CS2, BBEdit is one application I always have open and use every day. I code websites from scratch and BBEdit make this process easy and efficient.

Version 8.5 of BBEdit has 160 new features and enhancements to the interface. How many new features can a text editor have?

To be honest, I won’t use a quarter of the new features but there is always something new that will end up saving me time—improved workflow, better user interface, customizable menus, improved syntax checking.

One of the other reasons for upgrading was the new application icon (above right). The old icon (to the right) was butt ugly and met with a lot of complaints in the design community. The new icon has a few rough edges but c’mon you have to admit that it is a huge improvement.

If you’re still coding websites using Dreamweaver or worse, Frontpage then do yourself a favour and take a look at BBEdit. As the people at Bare Bones Software say, it doesn’t suck.®

Posted in OS X Software at 9:43 PM