Mon Meilleur Ami (2006)

Movie still
Mon Meilleur Ami (2006), directed by Patrice Leconte.

Mon Meilleur Ami (My Best Friend) was my last film at TIFF and my favourite. It’s a French comedy that is actually funny! Daniel Auteuil (Caché) and Dany Boon star.

Auteil plays an arrogant antique dealer that realizes he doesn’t have a single friend in the world. He makes a bet with a colleague that he can produce his ‘best friend’ before the end of the month.

His search to find this best friend is pathetic and quite funny. Without being too corny and over the top the film plays itself out nicely. To say much more would spoil it if you intend to watch Mon Meilleur Ami. It was the perfect way for me to end the festival.***½

Films are rated from 1 to 4 stars.

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