The Killer Within (2006)

Movie still
The Killer Within (2006) looks like a great documentary film on paper.

Bob Bechtel is a psychology professor in his early 70s. He’s kept a secret from his family and colleagues for 50 years. In 1955 he went on a shooting rampage and killed a classmate in his sleep. He claimed temporary insanity, spent five years in a hospital and was then released.

Director Macky Alston was there when Bechtel decided to tell his daugters, his colleagues and his friends. It had the potential to be another Capturing the Friedman’s but it falls completely flat.

The direction is weak, the editing is weaker still and the cinematography is, well, weak. The story never seems to go anywhere. Poor Bob seems confused throughout the film as they revisit the past. He’s also unrepentant which ads to the mystery.

Before you know it, the film is over, the credits are rolling and you wonder if there is going to be a sequel. I can’t believe that TIFF selected such a sloppy film for the festival. *

Films are rated from 1 to 4 stars.

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