My bloody elbow

I played hockey on Sunday night for the first time in over a month. At some point I must have fallen and landed on my elbow (don’t remember) because it was a bloody mess when I removed my elbow pad.

When I checked my bruised elbow at home it was still bleeding. The part that really bothered me was the 2 cm worm-like piece of flesh that was hanging out of my elbow. I tried pulling it out but the pain put an end to that. I slapped a band-aid on and went to bed.

This worm-like piece of flesh, that nobody in my family wanted to look at, was going to be a problem. I could barely bend my elbow and I was running out of band-aids. Time to go to a walk-in clinic.

Two hours later I finally got to see the doctor. I asked him how a piece of your insides could squirt out of your arm and just hang there. He had no idea. He seemed amused and described the worm-like extension of my elbow as ‘a miniature tongue’.

“Do you want to just lop it off?” he asked. I gave him the go ahead. He froze my elbow with a needle, grabbed some tweezers and with the surgical scissors he snipped off the worm. It started to bleed like crazy. He grabbed my hand and told me to press on the wound with some cotton balls. He ran into the next room to get some stitches and close up the hole.

My elbow still hurts like Hezbollah but at least the worm is gone. Any doctors out there with some ideas as to what was hanging out of my elbow?

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