Shooting in Vermont

Last Friday I hopped in the ol’ Mustang at 4 AM. Destination, Vermont.

The ‘lovely’ was nice enough to let me leave for three days to take photos in the Green Mountain State. The fall foliage was at its peak in many spots and I was determined to see as much as possible. Aside from the amazing colour of the leaves, there were plenty of waterfalls and covered bridges to shoot.

1,800 km later I’d been through the entire state, top to bottom, shooting each day from sunrise to sunset. If you’ve never been to Vermont in the autumn, you’re missing out. The landscape is incredible.

The most picturesque town I passed through was East Manchester. I’m hoping to get down there next year for the first week of October (with ‘the lovely’ this time).

Along the way I learned a few lessons that some people might find helpful:

  • Don’t take your 18-year-old Mustang GT (with 234,000 km) on an a 3-day road trip. You might get to your destination faster but your dashboard and tail lights could fail. Mine failed one day into the trip.
  • Try to find a motel while there is still daylight. I ended up in Waitsfield, VT on Saturday night. When I left in the morning I noticed that the motel sign read, “bikers welcome”.
  • If you’re going to do some mountain climbing, don’t wear loafers that slip on wet rocks. I climbed to the top of Smuggler’s Notch just north of Stowe, VT. Breathtaking. Literally. By the time I reached the bottom of my climb, my legs were shaking, my knees hurt and I wanted to vomit.

I’ll be posting some photos on Bombippy Photos soon. If you’ve been to Vermont, what are some of favourite places you’ve been to?

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