Shows I’m watching

For the last couple of years I haven’t watched a lot of TV. I’ve spent a lot of my time watching films instead.

Last year I started watching House and was completely hooked. The Sopranos is another show I love and am looking forward to when it resumes.

I took a look at Desperate Housewives and felt like I was watching recycled Melrose Place episodes. I also watched an episode of Standoff on Fox. Groan.

Two shows have caught my eye and I’m tuning in every week. The first show is Heroes on NBC. Awesome! It has a great blend of mystery, interconnected plot lines (think Syrianna, Traffic, Babel) and some supernatural elements that give it an X-Files feel.

The second show that impressed me was The Nine on ABC. It features an ensemble — nine strangers come together during a bank robbery that turns into a messy, 52-hour hostage situation. The series looks at how this experience has changed the people involved. There is also a lot of uncertainty as to what happened during the hostage crisis. A little bit is revealed each episode.

What are your must-watch shows this season?

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