98.7 % Correct

For reading my email I use Microsoft Entourage for OS X. A while back I noticed that most of the email I received was spam. My solution was to start using SpamSieve to filter out all of the junk email messages. The best $30 I ever spent.

24,177 messages later, SpamSieve has filtered

  • 6,042 good messages
  • 18,135 spam messages (75%)
  • 58 spam messages per day

Out of those 24,177 email messages, 25 emails were incorrectly marked as spam. SpamSieve was accurate in filtering my spam 98.7% of the time. Excellent!

Do you spend the first 10 minutes of your day deleting email? Creating new message filters for all of the crap in your inbox?

Even if you spend only 1 minute a day deleting spam, you’re wasting 6 hours a year on something that SpamSieve can do for you. Okay, I’m done.

Posted in OS X Software at 9:57 PM