Catwoman (2004)

I’m always skeptical of movies that are directed by people with one name such as Pitof (Catwoman), McG (Charlie’s Angels), and Kaos (Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever). I wasn’t expecting much from Catwoman (2004), especially after all of the bad press it received but to his credit, Pitof did a decent job.

There are some interesting CGI (computer genereated image) sequences and camera moves that give the film a unique style and feeling of high production value. This falls flat wherever there was any character animation—the CGI Catwoman jumping around the buildings in downtown Vancouver looked unrealistic and cartoon-like.

Halle Berry is a great choice for Catwoman. She insisted on doing most of her own stunts and it pays off. The fight scenes are actually pretty good and fairly realistic. Unfortunately a lot of her dialog is really cheesy, giving the movie a campy feel reminiscent of the 1960s Batman television series.

Sharon Stone was interesting as a villain, who I’ll call the Botox Brick. It made sense that the cosmetic products she used made her skin as like a body armor but where did she get her mad fightin’ skills?

The movie is far from perfect but I think it is worth a spin in your DVD player if you’ve never seen it. **

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