A couple of months ago I started working with a couple of friends (Ian and Rose) on a side project called — a video podcast where sub-culture meets pop-culture.

I quickly designed a site for and we put up our first episode —The Rose and Skinny Show. From there we:

  • interviewed DJ Champion and shot his last concert at Lee’s Palace
  • covered an event for The Walrus magazine in which Bruce Mau is interviewed
  • interviewed Gabe Swahney of the murmur project
  • interviewed the members of drawnonward — Canadian landscape painters
  • and more.

The interview with DJ Champion was a great experience and it’s one of the best stories we’ve done so far. I’m extremely please with how it came together and the timing couldn’t be better.

DJ Champion’s single “No Heaven” is one of the biggest in Canada and gets a lot of radio airplay. Our interview has footage of that song being performed at his recent concert in Toronto. That was a big coup for us.

So what is my involvement? Ian and I shoot the video and Rose does most of the interviews. I’ll work with Ian on ‘finding the story’ for each piece and edit everything in Final Cut Studio — a fabulous creative experience every time we sit down and look at our footage. From there I’ll compress the footage into various video formats and upload them to for viewing.

Between the three of us it takes about 8-10 hours to produce a 5 minute story. If things look a little rough around the edges its because we don’t have the luxury of time, a budget, or a lot of professional experience. We’re learning as we go, meeting some really interesting artists and having a lot of fun.

The biggest challenge is finding the time to do all of this. Ian and Rose have an amazing ability for coming up with some really interesting interviews. Somehow we manage to pull it off each time, even when our day jobs get in the way.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Check out the DJ Champion story. Tell your friends.

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