The Queen (2006)

On New Year’s Eve I went to see The Queen (2006) with ‘the lovely’—it’s become a tradition for us to see a film on the last day of the year. I received a bit of ribbing for seeing this but it’s an excellent film. I’m also happy that I didn’t get suckered into seeing ‘that film with Beoncé’.

Helen Mirren is quite believable as Queen Elizabeth II and James Cromwell is a wonderful, crusty, Prince Philip. The entire cast is very good and I can’t think of a single performance that was lacking, except for maybe Wolfgang Pissors as a German reporter.

Kidding aside, this film will probably renew your interest in the monarchy if you’re a Canadian. We’re reminded of her at least once if we look at the loose change in our pockets but it’s easy to forget that she’s a human being sometimes.

The Queen examines the fallout from Elizabeth’s silence after the death of Lady Diana and how Tony Blair struggles to advise her. I found the film’s version of this historic period to be fascinating. The way in which archival news footage is meshed with the film is quite seamless.

The Queen is easily one of the best films of the year. I can’t speak for Americans but if you’re Canadian, and you have some knowledge of Queen Elizabeth, chances are that this film will strike an emotional chord with you. ***½

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