VisualHub for Mac OS X


Now and again I come across a really great piece of software for Mac OS X. VisualHub has become one of my favourite tools for dealing with video on the Mac.

For $23.32 USD you can easily convert DivX video into a DVD. If I miss an episode of 24 or House I do the following:

  1. head over to btjunkie and do a search for the latest show episode
  2. download the show using Xtorrent
  3. try to catch up on client work while the show downloads (losing battle)
  4. check the downloaded show in VLC
  5. open the file up in VisualHub and click on the DVD tab
  6. catch up on client work while the video is being converted
  7. burn my show to disc

I could save a lot of time and just burn the .AVI file to DVD and watch the show on my Philips DivX player. The problem is that this DVD player isn’t hooked up to my home theatre with HD projector. I could also get a PVR but this is more fun.

I’ve also used VisualHub to convert video from YouTube (.FLV format) to DV format which can then be used in Final Cut Pro. I couldn’t produce without VisualHub.

One of the things that makes this program so amazing is the simplicity behind it. Take a look at the user interface.

VisualHub screenshot

Reminds me of SuperDuper — another great piece of software that I use for backups.

I’m just discovering that VisualHub does a better job at creating iPod video than Quicktime Pro. You have more control over the compression settings allowing you to reduce the size of the video files.

Okay. Enough geeky rambling. If you need to convert video to different formats then look no further than VisualHub.

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