Crank (2006)

Jason Statham plays an LA hitman that has bee poisoned and has 87 minutes to live. If his heart rate drops below 55 MPH he will die. What follows is a stylish but poor rip off of the film, Speed (1994).

Some people told me that Crank (2006) was a good movie, others said it blew chunks. Lets just say that the 20 minutes of video commentary I watched was better than the 87 minutes I wasted on this film.

I like Jason Statham. I thought he was great in all of Guy Ritchie’s films. He was awesome in The Transporter but then he did Transporter 2 and we all wondered why. I guess its too easy to pass up a pay cheque for doing a crappy formulaic film these days.

Crank has a few interesting moments like the Google Earth video used to show you were the ‘bad guys’ are hiding out in LA. The hundreds of stunts and crazy camera work is interesting as well but it hardly adds up to a decent film.

If anyone recommends you rent Crank or worse, that you should purchase the DVD, slowly turn around and run as fast as you can.

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