Where do you get your news?

Do you get your news through newspapers, TV, online, or magazines?


I haven’t watched the evening news or any of the 24 hour news channels in a long time. I’ll watch 60 Minutes whenever I can but that’s it.


I have the Toronto Star and the National Post delivered to my door every morning. During breakfast I can usually get through both papers. At the office I receive the Globe and Mail and read it during my lunch.

Newspapers can be cheap if you get a subscription. I pay $3/year for the Globe and Mail. You read that correctly. They practically give the paper away. This way they can tell their advertisers that they have x number of paid subscribers.


Throughout the day I’ll look at either Yahoo! News or the NY Times. I’ll also check Daring Fireball, popurls, TUAW and a handful of other sites.

News Wars

The Globe and Mail had an interesting story about a PBS Frontline series called News War. Starting next Tuesday at 9 PM, this four-part series, hosted by Lowell Bergman will take a detailed look at American journalism and where it is heading.

Consider that most people under the age of 30 never watch the evening news on television. People are relying more and more on blogs, Digg or news sites for the latest information. This has a huge impact on traditional news outlets and the future of journalism.

So where do you get your news?

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