Some of my Hot Docs picks

Next month is Hot Docs — Canadian international documentary film festival in Toronto. I’m going to be seeing 10 films next month. Here are a few of the films I’ve picked.


This was my first pick. It’s described as “a film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture.” It screened at the the South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this month and generated quite a buzz. If you’re a graphic designer then get yourself to Hot Docs to see this film.

Manufacturing Dissent

The tagline for this film is “Michael Moore doesn’t like documentaries. That’s why he doesn’t make them.” This doc takes a critical look at Moore’s filmmaking and examines how he went from filmmaker to politicial icon in the US.


This is a film I’m dying to see. It’s about the Parisian cemetery Père-Lachaise — a place I wanted to visit when I was in Paris two years ago. Many people go there to visit the grave site of a family members, or some of the famous people that are buried there. Others go for the peaceful serenity or to find inspiration.

I went to Cimetière du Montparnasse a couple of years ago and wondered around for a few hours taking photos. After I watch Forever, I know I’m going to want to visit Père-Lachaise.

Other films on my list to see at Hot Docs are Ghosts of Abu Grahib, The Big Sellout, Strange Culture, Let’s All Hate Toronto, The Devil Came on Horseback, and Yoga Inc.

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