TMNT (2007)

If you’re over the age of 10 you might not know that TMNT stands for Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. If you’re under the age of 10 you might not know that TMNT was the top weekend flick with $25.45 million in ticket sales.

I found myself sitting in the a theatre with my 7-year-old son Daniel, waiting for TMNT (2006)to start. Like most 7-year-olds he has a fascination with ninja turtles. I don’t. All I could think about were the really bad, one star reviews I had read about TMNT.

By the time the credits rolled, I was relieved. The movie wasn’t that bad. It’s basically a 3D version of the TV show but with really good production value. The animation by Imagi Entertainment is impressive and gave me something to admire while the turtles ate pizza and bickered.

The animation and the rendering doesn’t live up to Pixar standards but so what. A 7-year-old kid isn’t going to notice or care about how realistic the fabrics are rendered or if the inverse-kinematics in the character animation is incredibly realistic.

It made me wonder who Pixar is really making their incredible films for. Why not crank out a bunch of mediocre movies like everyone else? Why raise the 3D bar with every film? The kids won’t care or really notice so long as the story is solid. Will they?

I tried to get Daniel to write a review but he thought that would be too boring. So I asked him what he thought about the film. “It was good” was the only response I could get at first. I asked him what he hated about the film and he responded with, “the long talking parts.” Hmm, okay.

I asked which movie he thought was better, Superman Returns or TMNT. I was sure he would pick Superman Returns but he quickly replied with, “TMNT. It had way more action.” My shoulders slumped forward and my chin collapsed into my chest. When I recovered, Daniel asked me if we could get the TMNT video game for PS2.

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