Waterfalls in Hamilton

It’s been almost two months two months since I’ve ventured out to take some photos. Work has been extremely busy.

Last Friday we had 4 cm of snow overnight. On Saturday the temperature began to rise and I thought this would be a good opportunity to get out and shoot in the Hamilton area. I grabbed the 7-year-old, bribed him with some Captain Underpants books at Chapters and headed for Steel Town.

I only had time for two locations — Waterdown Falls and Chedoke Falls. Some of the photos from this trip are now on BOMBIPPY PHOTOS.

To get to Chedoke Falls you have to hop a fence and slide down a very steep, 70 foot slope. Not easy to do when when the slope is covered in ice and you’re trying to make sure your 7-year-old tumbles down into a tree or the rocks below.

The gorge at Chedoke Falls is spectacular. Because it is difficult to get to, you won’t have to worry about hikers, tourists, or other photographers getting in the way. Great location.

I found this location in a book called Waterfalls of Ontario. It’s a fabulous resource with great directions and photos by George Fischer. I’ll be using this book a lot in the coming months to explore some of the other waterfalls in the Golden Horseshoe.

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