76% blog for family and friends

Back in July 2006, Pew Internet published some interesting results from a national phone survey of bloggers. Here are some of the results of that survey with my comments:

76% of bloggers say a reason they blog is to document their personal experiences and share them with others.

I started this blog primarily for family and friends as a way to keep in touch when I can. Life can get really busy sometimes and weeks can go by before you pick up the phone to call someone you haven’t spoken to.

54% of bloggers are under the age of 30

At age 38, I’m in the minority here.

64% of bloggers say a reason they blog is to share practical knowledge or skills with others.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s the great thing about blogs. Using a search engine you can find just about anyone with an interest in Jules Dassin films to Kodiak chewing tobacco.

Out of the 12 million blogs that are out there (according to this survey) only 7% focus on entertainment and 4% focus on technology. If you read Digg everyday you might find this hard to believe.

You can find our more information about this survey here.

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