Photos, Renos and Livebait

I’ve been a little wrapped up with work in the past couple of weeks. Instead of rushing off to the office this morning and sifting through email I decided to drive out to Oakville.


I picked up a couple of photography books on Friday and one of them suggested that Trillium Trail in Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a great spot to shoot Trilliums. Unfortunately, the flowers were past their peak but there were plenty of photo opportunities.

It felt good to get out and shoot some photos, even if it was for only for 90 minutes. I haven’t picked up the camera in a while and look forward to getting out and taking more photos.

Up and Over

The home renovation has started and stalled. If you don’t read stuffandjunk then you’re finding out now that we’re doing a home renovation. It started with me wanting a home office. When the dust settles, we’ll have a garage, a completely renovated and larger ground floor and a brand new second floor (with a home office in the back overlooking the backyard).

Soon, very soon we’re going to get a final budget from the contractor and they’ll start digging. Soon! Really soon! I’ve been hearing this for almost two weeks now and am losing faith that I’ll have a home office before September. July 17 was the original date of completion.


I have about ten movie reviews waiting that need to be written and two stories to be edited. The last Livebait story we did was about Hot Docs. I interviewed James and couple of his friends about the film festival.

If you’re at all interested in documentary films and didn’t get to Hot Docs this year then watch the latest episode.

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