Enbridge and web standards

My gas utility in Toronto is Enbridge. If you try to visit there website using the Safari web browser you’ll probably see this screen:

Dumb-ass gas

Notice the text at the bottom that says Safari users - our site runs best on one of the browsers above.

It seems that the dumb-ass web developers at Enbridge haven’t heard of web standards. What year is this? Browser sniffers and messages like this are so 1999!

If you look at the HTML code on the homepage you’ll notice that the site is coded in XHTML/CSS. Keep looking at the code and you’ll also see that they’re using tables for layout. Lame!

Okay. End of rant.


If you’re using Firefox or Internet Explorer then you might want to take a look at these rebate programs that Enbridge is offering.

If you live in the Toronto area then take advantage of this program if your going to purchase any of these items in the next 2 months:

  • a programmable thermostat
  • high-efficiency gas furnace
  • outdoor gas BBQ

If you’re feeling really generous, then donate your rebates to the web developers at Enbridge so they purchase a few O’Reilly books on web development.

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