No Wine Should Be Served At Room Temperature

Thank you Beppi Crosariol for your wine column, in today’s Globe and Mail. My wife prefers to drink red wine at room temperature which always drives me nuts because all I can taste is the alcohol.

To chill the wine I usually drop an ice cube in my warm glass of Shiraz, swirl it around with a spoon then remove it. My wife usually shakes her head at this practice and calls me a peasant.

Most Canadians serve their wine at taste-distorting temperatures - the whites are too cold, and the reds are too warm. But with a little know-how and a few tricks from the pros (that’s right, you can drop an ice cube into your Aussie shiraz), getting the most out of your bottle is as easy as reading a thermometer.

Beppi goes on to say that “no wine – repeat: no wine – should be served at room temperature, which in Canada is a flavour-busting 21 C (and much higher in many homes in summer.” I couldn’t agree more.

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