Ugly ROM, Ugly Star

Last Monday the Toronto Star launched a redesigned print version of their newspaper. The best word I can think of to describe this redesign is ugly.

They made some small improvements to the typography (increased the point size and leading to make it easier to read) but the headlines and layout look cumbersome and unappealing. The recent redesign of the Globe and Mail newspaper was a huge improvement. The paper looks more contemporary whereas the Toronto Star looks more antiquated. My 75 cents.

Tomorrow the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) unveils the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal — one of the ugliest architectural projects of our time. Architect Daniel Libeskind created the mixture of glass and metal that juts out of the ROM. I think the whole thing looks cheap and ugly.

After looking at a dozen projects by Libeskind I can say that I just don’t like his style. I prefer the look of The Gehry Tower, London City Hall, or the brilliant 30 St Mary Axe in London.

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