Bring home some milk

It used to be that the man of the house was expected to bring home the bacon. I never get asked that. Instead, I get asked to “bring home some milk” whenever I go out. We go through bags of the stuff.

Last night at 2 AM, I stopped by the local 24-hour Dominion store. On my way to the milk section (at the back of the store) I picked up some Sun-Maid raisin bran bread, cherry danishes, some salt and vinegar powder (for popcorn) and some milk.

I wiped out in the milk aisle on the freshly mopped floor and limped to the cash. The young couple ahead of me decided to do their grocery shopping for an entire month. Normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing but it was 2 AM and the only register open was the Express Check-out for 1-8 items.

Ten minutes later I limped out of the store and noticed a police car in the parking lot. Normally I don’t get nervous when I see a police car but I was driving my Corolla with plates that expired last November. My fuel economy car failed an emission test and couldn’t get my plates renewed (I plan to get another emission test this week).

Fortunately the police officers were busy with their computer allowing me drive away unnoticed. I hate bringing home the milk.

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