Popcorn Seasoning

In Canada, some of us like to put popcorn seasoning on our popcorn at the movie theatre and at home. My personal favourite is the salt and vinegar popcorn seasoning powder by Kernels. Just shake a little onto your bowl of popcorn for instant flavour.

I recently ran out of Kernels’ popcorn seasoning and decided too try a similar seasoning powder by Club House. The container was twice the size and almost the same price as the premium Kernels brand.

Take it from me, Club House salt & vinegar popcorn seasoning is awful! I threw out the package. It tastes like dill pickle seasoning with a mystery flavour.

Moral of the story? Don’t be cheap when it comes to popcorn seasoning. Pay the extra and get Kernels popcorn seasoning.

Posted in Food at 3:38 PM