Roadtrip to Michigan

I’m heading down to Lansing, MI for some golf, college football, and an NFL game on Sunday. I should be heading to a sandy beach instead of waking up at 6 AM to get across the border for a 12:30 tee off time. Waking up that early doesn’t feel like a holiday to me but it beats working.

I still have a number of TIFF reviews to do. The best film by far was Jason Reitman’s Juno. The cast was stellar and the movie is very funny.

The last film I saw was called Surfwise — a great surfing documentary about the Paskowitz family. More to come when I get back if I can get online.

I’m moving my JAK Media office into my house on Monday. Pictures to come. I know, I’ve neglected to post more photos of the reno. I simply have too much on the go. I won’t mention the handful of sites that I’ve been trying to finish for the last 3 months. Maybe with a home office I’ll be able to get even more work done! Groan.

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