Ice Cream Man

My ears are ringing and I can’t get the song Ice Cream Man, out of my head. I just got back from the Van Halen concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and loved it.

I wished I’d seen David Lee Roth with Van Halen when I was in grade 11. Who’d have thought that I’d get a chance to see Diamond Dave perform with Van Halen, 20 years later? Dave doesn’t jump as high as he did 20 years ago and if he did the splits, they’d probably have to end the tour but the concert was still great.

16-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen was solid on the bass, replacing Michael Anthony. Alex Van Halen is still doing drum solos. Someone should tell him that nobody does drum a solos any more, that they’re un-cool. And Eddie is still doing the same ol’ guitar solos that he’s always done. Some things never change.

I got good lemonade, ah, dixie cups
All flavors and push ups too
I’m your ice cream man, stop me when Im passin by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy…

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