Things now available for preview

Things is a new to-do management application from Cultured Code. If you’re like me and you run your own business, you have an endless number of tasks to complete. To get things done and stay organized, you need a program like Things or a Moleskine notebook.

I haven’t used Things but it looks fabulous and I will be testing the preview release. My usual to-do list application is Backpack from 37signals. It costs about $60/year but I don’t know if it is the best application for me. If you’re working in teams and you need a web-based application then I think you get more value from it.

If Things proves to be better and costs less (under $60) then I may start using it instead. I don’t need my to-do list online right now. Unfortunately you can’t purchase Things just yet but there screencast that might pique your interest.

Things will only be available for Mac OS X.

Posted in OS X Software at 3:42 PM