Rogers reaches a new low

If your ISP in Canada is Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed, then you might have a browsing session interrupted or rather hijacked to tell you that you’re using the Internet too much! Cory Doctorow posted a screenshot of this at Boing Boing.

If you use close to 75 GB of bandwidth per month then Rogers may scold you when you least expect it, through your web browser. Pretty soon they’ll be jumping out of the closet or from behind a curtain to tell you that you’re not using Yahoo enough!

Use more than 75 GB in bandwidth per month you’ll be charged an extra $1.50/GB. This seems fair but the way in which Rogers is telling their customers is complete idiocy.

You’d have to be stealing a lot of music and Hollywood movies to reach 75 GB in a month and I know a few people that do but you could also be downloading television shows from the UK or other countries that the Canadian government (CRTC) doesn’t let us watch. Or, if you don’t have a Tivo/PVR you might be downloading shows that you missed, but 75 GB is a lot of viewing time.

Rogers is pathetic for how has chosen to deal with high bandwidth customers. I hope that somebody sues them for something related to privacy. The need to wake up.

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