Apple iPhone Doomed To Falurire

Mitchell Ashley, “the independent voice of Microsoft customers” wrote an article titled (with the typo), Apple iPhone Doomed To Falurire — Windows Mobile 7 Plans For 2009 Leaked. Windows Mobile 7 isn’t scheduled for release until 2009 (and who knows if that won’t get pushed back until 2010) but Ashley believes that it will kick the iPhone’s butt. I wonder if Ashley has heard of a brown brick called Zune.

Windows Mobile 7 looks like another copy of the iPhone. By the time it gets released, the iPhone will have been out for two years yet Ashely thinks the iPhone will fade away? The last two major product releases from Microsoft have been failures — Zune and Windows Vista. I wonder why he thinks Windows Mobile 7 will be any different.

To top things off, Mitchell Ashley based his assumptions on a sketchy blog entry authored by InsideMicrosoft blogger Nathan Weinberg. Weinberg claims to have a document detailing plans for Windows Mobile 7. He says he can’t publish the article but includes a lot of screen captures (which may be the work of a hack with too much time on their hands).

I love this quote from Weinberg:

Windows Mobile 7 will dramatically change the way we use mobile devices. It will emphasize the use of touch on the device, as well as motion gestures created by using the device. It is, absolutely, Microsoft’s effort to beat back the iPhone, and the iPhone is referenced several times in the document.

I though that Apple dramatically changed the way we use mobile devices with the iPhone in 2007. As one commenter said on Weinberg’s site, “Apple innovates and Microsoft imitates.”

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