Blu-ray vs HD DVD: Game over

Blu-ray vs HD DVD

This pie chart from Wikipedia helps to put the Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war into perspective. With Warner putting their support behind Blu-ray, I’d say that HD DVD’s days are numbered if not over.

I wonder if HD DVD manufacturers like Toshiba knew Warner Bros. was bailing on HD DVD? It would explain the recent price cut on HD DVD players — sell off as many players as possible during the busiest shopping season without looking desperate. We’ll probably see further price cuts on HD DVD players before they become boat anchors.

Was it a coincidence that Warner Bros. held off on their announcement to support Blu-ray until after the busy holiday season? Was it a nice gesture to the HD DVD camp before they pull the plug? You bet. I feel sorry for the early adopters that went for the cheaper disc player.

I wonder if Apple will finally announce support for Blu-ray discs at the upcoming Macworld? Maybe one of their new computer models will ship with Blu-ray support.

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