SpamSieve is super slow under Leopard

SpamSieve does a great job at combatting my email spam but under Mac OS X 10.5 it is unbelievably slow. Regarding Leopard compatibility, the makers of SpamSieve provide this warning:

Leopard has different performance characteristics than previous versions of Mac OS X, with some operations taking approximately ten times longer than before. For some users, this can make SpamSieve slow to launch (many bounces in the Dock) and slow to respond thereafter. Most users will not notice a difference, however.

I’m one of those users that notice the difference. The program takes forever to start (1 minute) and when it filters my mail, everything in Microsoft Entourage grinds to a halt.

Over two months ago, the developers of SpamSieve were working with Apple to develop some improvements but so far there haven’t been any updates. Boy, am I glad I didn’t upgrade to Leopard when it first came out.

Posted in OS X Software at 4:42 PM