Aperture or Lightroom?

A lot of people thought that Version 2.0 of Apple’s Aperture would be released at the annual PMA conference and trade show this week. It wasn’t and people are grumbling. What’s taking so long?

Photoshop Lightroom is Aperture’s competition and what I use or rather don’t really use. A lot of people love Lightroom and use it for all of their photography needs but I’m not one of them.

Rick LePage was at PMA this week and reported:

What I’m hearing is that neither Aperture nor Lightroom has taken hold with this crowd. At least three photographers I spoke with said that they bought both products, and that they aren’t really using either one.

I still prefer Photoshop CS3. Using Bridge and Camera Raw for my workflow suits my needs. I don’t see an advantage to using Lightroom at this point. Apparently a lot of photographers at PMA feel the same way:

This year, more people seem to be comfortable with the Photoshop-Bridge-Adobe Camera Raw workflow—thanks to the rock-solid release of Photoshop CS3 last spring—and there are real questions about Apple’s place in this market.

Apple says they are working on version 2 of Aperture and that it will have some great new features. I think it will have to have a lot of great new features if it will make it to version 3.

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