Default Folder X saves you time

Default Folder X is one of those must have utilities for Mac OS X. I’ve always found the Finder to be frustrating when it came to saving files — too much clicking and drilling down through folders to where I want to go. Default Folder X saves you a time by letting you access your recent, favourite and open folders in a single click.

It’s hard to believe that Apple still hasn’t incorporated some of the features of Default Folder X into the Finder. Before OS X I used Now Utilities for System 7 all the way up to Mac OS 9 until it was discontinued. It crashed quite a bit but it saved a lot of time if you were doing production work in Photoshop.

Default Folder X just released version 4.01 and it is compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Macworld’s Dan Frakes has a nice video overview of Default Folder X if you’ve never used it before.

Posted in OS X Software at 3:30 PM