HDMI Monster cables are a ripoff

HDMI Monster cables are a ripoff. In fact, most HDMI cable that you see at Best Buy or Radioshack is over-priced. The Consumerist blogged about 80% markups on Monster cable after they saw an inventory list from Radioshack.

The inventory list apparently shows that Monster Cable has incredibly high markup pricing (based on the difference of wholesale and retail pricing shown on the list).

Many online retailers sell quality HDMI cable that costs much less than Monster Cable. I use Blue Jeans Cable which is way cheaper than anything Monster sells and it is just as good.

Gizmodo also advises its readers that Monster cable is over-priced:

It never pays to buy a Monster cable first. It doesn’t even make sense to buy the “marked down” $50 cable you can buy if you don’t want Monster. Go online, order your cables, and wait.

I completely agree with Gizmodo but what happens when you purchase a brand new HD LCD television or Blu-Ray DVD player from Best Buy? How many people really plan ahead and order their cable online and save bundles of money? I did.

When I purchased a HD projector I saved hundreds of dollars by purchasing my HDMI and component cables from Blue Jeans Cable. When I purchased a Sony Bravia HD LCD television I paid a premium for the HDMI cable that was slightly cheaper than Monster Cable called Rocketfish HDMI cable.

I wanted to watch the new TV as soon as I got it home so I was forced to purchase Best Buy’s, Poor Buy, over-priced HDMI cable. They know most people need HDMI cable or component video cable when they purchase a high-definition TV or DVD player. They also know that most people don’t plan ahead and purchase their cables online so they stock the most expensive, highest margin cable they can find — Monster Cable.

I never heard of Rocketfish but I can guarantee that Best Buy and whoever sells their products is marking it up by 50-80%. If you can plan ahead, purchase your HDMI cable online. Another good online retailer that Gizmodo recommends is MonoPrice.com in California.

If you’re planning a home theatre or looking to upgrade your old television to a high-definition LCD or plasma set then figure out how much cable you need now and order it online. If you purchased standard RCA audio video cables to hook up to your new high-definition TV then you have no right purchasing anything with the words high-definition before it. If you purchased S-video cable for a better quality picture then read my previous sentence again.

You might be wondering if you should get HDMI or component video cable for your new television. Now we’re talking! You want to read an earlier blog entry where I talk about HDMI vs Component Video cable.

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